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Pump It Up Job Application circle one 1. Position Applied For Staff member or Manager 2. Social Security No. 3. I understand this application is not a guarantee for an interview or position at this company. I hereby understand that a background check may/will be run before/during employment with Pump It Up. I understand that all information on this job application is subject to verification and I consent to criminal history and background checks. Full legal Name 4. Home Phone Last Name First...
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Hi this is Kim welcome to live more nowthis is your three-minute pre-interviewpep talk this video is intended to giveyou that confidence boost that you'regoing to need using the following fourpoints just as you're walking into yourinterviewplease remember that confidence isreally the key here for most of us themere mention of a job interview cancause nervousness and in some casessevere anxiety keep in mind that eventhe most qualified candidates if they'rewalking in with shaky hands poor posturelimited eye contact all of that canactually cost you the job so if any ofthis describes you then I want you tolisten and repeat the following steps toyourselfnumber one remember that the company isalready interested in you based on whatthey know be it through your resumeperhaps you've already had a phoneconversation or maybe you're workingwith a recruiter just remind yourselfthat you have the skills and abilitiesthat they need and want number two ifyou're familiar with some of my othervideos and you already have someexamples prepared for answering theinterview questions if you're not yetfamiliar with this here's what I wantyou to do on your way to the interview Iwant you to recall some examples of yourwork experience that highlight us atyour finest so for example maybe youfinished a difficult project in the 11thhouror perhaps you received some customerrecognition because you went the extramile to exceed their expectationswhatever that is for you having these atthe forefront of your mind will help youanswer those interview questionssmoothly and confidently withoutstumbling number three remember thatyour interviewer is a person just likeyou they are interviewing you and tryingto determine whether or not you're goingto be a good fit for the position andalso the organization's culture but thisis very important you need to remindyourself that you are also interviewingthem to see that it's a right fit foryou this is not a one-way street holdingon to this principle will help you treatthis process more like a conversationand a give-and-take of informationrather than an awkward question andanswersnumber four finally when you walk instand up straight good posture offer afirm handshake thank them for their timemake good eye contact and smile justremember that you are ready you areprepared you've done your homeworkso be calm stay confident and go getthemI'll be anxious for your feedback onyour most recent job interview so pleasepost your comments and questions belowthanks again for visiting my youtubechannel live more now and good luckyou